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Pool Liner Repairs    

     Welcome to Lucky's Liners a Vinyl Liner Pool Company servicing Ocala and the surrounding areas. Our professional technicians have decades of experience that's on your side, teaming up with Garrett Liners to deliver high-quality in-ground vinyl liners and the best vinyl liner installation in all of Florida. 

     When is the last time you saw a company show up and after removing the old liner, take out a top-quality pressure washer and wash your pool deck, liner walls, and floor? The answer is you have never seen a company do the preparation that Lucky's Liners do on every job. We paint rusted walls using a top of the liner rust prohibitor paint, which prevents the wall from further rusting. We tape all the seams and then we use vermiculite on every single pool floor for Free. Vermiculite is Portland cement with a ground-up cork screw, instead of rocks that leave your floor bumpy and uneven. We paint your fiberglass stairs using a two-part epoxy and applying two coats. We paint your pool coping, using an airless sprayer and Super Paint Gloss from Sherwin Williams. Essentially we are a company that comes in and turns your old into GOLD. 

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