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August 28th 2023

     Lucky’s Liners is a Vinyl Liner Pool Company in Ocala FL, that specializes in in-ground vinyl liner replacement in Ocala Florida. Sales, service, and repairs from a company that takes pride in their work, from the littlest solution to the largest solution we provide proven professional techniques that ensure you get the quality products and craftsmanship in the world. We are dealers for Garrett Liners and are happy to provide such well-made and quality vinyl liners to good folks in Ocala and the surrounding areas. We offer a wonderful video gallery of our work for you to watch. Click on our YouTube icon in the top header to view our customer reviews, are how-to videos, and take your time perusing our website. We are always happy to help and hope you're doing well.

     We are excited to provide several other professional services for you to take advantage of, such as pressure washing, pool deck repair, and texturing, as well as painting the deck and the inside of the pools. We return your old pool area into the beautiful oasis it once was, using top-of-the-liner products and proven techniques that you can depend on. Florida's weather is beautiful right now, but in a few short months it's going to be smoking hot and you're going to want your liner installed now. There are several things that do not come with the installation of your new vinyl liner, such as groundwater filling up the pool after the old liner has been removed. On occasion, we can stop the water using proven techniques but for the most part, we will refer you to a shotcrete company that uses a concrete pump to shoot the pool floors and side walls. You lose up to 6 inches of depth on your pool but the ground water will be stopped forever. The cost will be $3,500 from the shotcrete company and you also have to pay the concrete company to bring the shotcrete to your home. The total cost can easily add up to $4,500 and Luckys Liners doesn't get a dime extra when you hire a professional company to stop the groundwater. We can not measure your new liner until the shotcrete company has completed their work. Florida doesn't have basements for a reason, and that is groundwater can be just five feet from the top of the ground.

     Repairing deck cracks and painting your pool deck, coping, repairing and painting your stairs, and replacing your old pool liner. We call it the works, and upon completion of the works, your backyard looks like your home was just built. We will be adding new videos of our clients and instructional videos weekly, Come back and watch one of your own videos after you hire us. We Look forward to the pleasure and we feel Lucky you've stopped for a visit. We are running a special discount until Sept 3rd, 2023, you must be on the schedule by the 3rd to receive your special pricing. Contact me by texting 352-789-3757.

     Our spectacular professional vinyl liner pool installation in Ocala is unmatched, the end result of our work is nothing short of brilliant. I am getting three to four new leads a day and there is no way I can help everyone. Please be patient and I will be happy to help, Texting me your name, phone number, address, the pool length, width, and depth, as well as a few pictures of the pool, including the pool deck so I can get a could picture of what I am working with. For fast service text me today, and I'll do my best to respond promptly. 

Thanks for understanding and we look forward to helping with your new vinyl liner replacement in Ocala and the surrounding areas. 

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Vinyl Liner Installation

Do You Feel Lucky? We certainly hope so, you've just found the best in the business of in-ground vinyl liner replacement. We are a wholesale distributor for Garret Liners and we offer...



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Deck Painting & Repair

Lucky's Liners offers one-of-a-kind pool deck painting & repair. We are always happy to help turn your old, into gold. We will professionally repair your pool deck's cracks, skim coat over your entire deck, then shoot a beautiful knockdown texture.


We then apply two coats of top-of-the-line paint, and before the second coat we add  Shark Grip, a nonslip product to the paint, you won't slip and your pool deck will look phenomenal.   

Pressure Washing 

Lucky's Liners has decades of experience in the manipulation of water. With over forty years of quality results using proven techniques, Lucky's delivers more than you can even imagine.


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Residential pressure cleaning and Pool Enclosure Specialist.

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